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FORTHCOMING... The Complete Guide to Trust series

The Complete Guide to Trust: Testimonials

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I wish I’d read this before I started a business partnership in my past – my life would have been a lot easier. Especially in my life's journey, trust issues have happened to me in business and in my personal life...  People need to read this. It will save them a lot of time, emotional pain and money.

-  Frank Guerra, Founding President XanSiam International


Richard LecavalierRen Lexander does for you what your mother did not: he will give you a slew of precious tools to protect yourself from the myriads of con artists aiming at your possessions, at your youth, your energy, your time, your wellbeing, your peace of mind, or even your life itself.

The conman traps can be well set, insidious, stealth, invisible and sometimes extremely destructive and only detectible by he who is prepared. Prepare yourself and your loved ones, buy Ren’s book    

-  Richard Lecavalier

Jim Coomes thumbWOW…let me say this again WOW…
This could realistically change the world.
Just by teaching it in the schools at the earliest age possible, would, over time, reduce significantly the different types of crime, law suits, fights, divorce rates, arguments to name a few negative things. It should definitely be on the top of the list of self help books.

- James Coomes


Harry SigworthDr Lexander has attacked the issue of Trust from every conceivable angle. His thoroughness in explaining all the aspects of Trust and its implications for daily life is truly remarkable. I would venture to say that there is no one that cannot benefit from reading this. I would also recommend that families discuss it with their children as a primer for entering adolescence, few endeavors would generate more wisdom than that.

-  Harry W. Sigworth Lt. Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept. Retired,  M.P.A. USC


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