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Mandala image mediumPost-session pictures and mandalas

'Draw a picture.'

That was said to me after my initial session with my second-ever professional breathworker (aka 'rebirther'') . I'd only had maybe 30 breathwork sessions before then and most of these were done by myself.

Draw a picture. This immediately became the standard procedure after every session I did - whether it was breathwork, sandplay, dreamwork, whatever.. Draw a picture.

I now have over 800 such pictures.

The nature of these post-session pictures changed in 1991. I spent most of that year in the Living Waters Centre, a transformational centre run by Ahrara Bhakti. She had us draw a circle on the paper prior to doing our post-session pictures. She referred to such pictures as ‘mandalas’ (a Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’).

The nature of the mandalas changed again  in mid-June when Ahrara Bhakti explained that we weren’t to draw from images inside our heads but instead draw them as unconsciously as possible - let our hand pick up a colour we were attracted to and let our hand do whatever it wanted to do. So from then on that’s what I did. When I picked up a pastel, I had no idea what my hand was going to do.

And so it was that, in June 1991, my 'post-session pictures' graduated to being 'mandalas'.

To experience slideshows of these mandalas, click on the links below:

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The Five Christ Mandalas

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Early after-session pictures

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Mandalas 1991-1995

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Mandalas Moon-becomes-Sun

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Mandalas June 1998 to May 2009

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Mandalas June 2009 to January 2011

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Recent mandalas

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