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Advanced Trainee Thesis

Featured Christ image'The Emergence of the Self'

In the beginning and in the end, there is only one reason I ended up writing The Jesus Code: because of the inner work I’ve done and the experiences that came from that.

In 1991, I had unanticipated experiences which set me on a path – a very winding path – that led me to the point of writing The Jesus Code.

I have decided that it would help some readers to understand the nature of mysticism if I took you through part of my journey.

At the time I went through these experiences, I had no concept that they were 'mystic'. Even now, I don't really like the term. I prefer the term 'gnostic' as 'gnosis' means 'direct experience'. Unfortunately the term 'gnostic' has come to be associated with very out-there cosmological complexities about angels and arch-angels and gods and demons.

In no way did think of myself as a 'mystic'. I was simply working on myself, trying to detraumatize myself from a fraught childhood. I had no concept that I was also thereby detraumatizing my soul.

I spent almost all of 1991 in the Living Waters Centre as an intensive, then doing the Training and the Advanced Training.

(For more on this and to read the Trainee Thesis, Trainee Thesis.)

Bear in mind that, at this stage in my life, I had not yet read The Upanishads or Plotinus or St Avila of Teresa or books from the Nag Hammadi library. I'd read a tiny amount of Meister Eckhart 13 years previously and, in retrospect, hadn't understood it. I hadn't read anything of the Bible for decades. I did not consider myself a Christian in any way, shape or form. I didn't consider Jesus to be a mystic – indeed, I didn't consider him at all.

I had no real handle on what the 'Self' might be; only that Ahrara Bhakti, the head of the Centre, referred to it and talked about its 'emergence'.

I had absolutely no idea that the soul and Self (Holy Spirit/One) could fuse. I had no idea that the Holy Spirit/One existed.

This Advanced Trainee Thesis was not written for public consumption. It was written for my teachers at the Centre.

Obviously my terminology and opinions have evolved since 1991.

Finally, please disabuse yourself of any notion that it gives me any pleasure to reveal these most private details of my inner life. It discomforts me greatly.

I yield it up to public light because I believe that the example might help some readers who are genuinely thirsting for knowledge and inner evolution.

Also it is telling as an example of an 'unbiased' experience. I had no idea that these things could happen and was not aiming at it. I was just working on detraumatizing myself and following the processes that Ahrara guided.

As you read this, keep in the back of your mind Jesus’s seven stages of blessedness as outlined in the Beatitudes:

  1. Mourning
  2. Meekness (humility)
  3. Hunger
  4. Mercy (compassion)
  5. Purification occasioning visions
  6. Further purification occasioning the making of Peace in your soul.
  7. The realization of the kingdom of God by baptism by the Holy Spirit (christification of the soul).

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