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Inner Journey

Map montageThe only truly important thing I have done in my life is inner work...

Whatever worthy things I have done in my external life have been but a dancing shadow of my inner journey.

This journey has been long and ongoing. I do not propose that I can do justice to it here nor would I attempt to.

I must here make an apology. I have had acquaintances and very good friends who have known me for years and even decades who have no knowledge that I have done one personal growth session, more-or-less hundreds and hundreds of them.

Until now, I have hidden the most important part of my life so that I could have a life.

Until now, only a scant handful of people knew the depth and length of my inner journey.

Only now does the time seem right to come out from behind the wall.

Which brings me to the montage to the left.

I created it at the 'Day Spa for the Soul' run by my friend Laurence Harrould who I would describe as a 'spiritual business consultant'. At one stage, he handed us a pile of magazines and told us to create a montage out of pictures from the magazines. I felt myself subconsciously attracted to three pictures only and they became this montage.

It was a very accurate picture of who I was, where I was going in my inner journey and a huge challenge of what I needed to do to be of real benefit to the world.

I am still on a journey to meet the challenge that it represents.

To get a sense of my inner journey, click on the links below...

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Advanced Trainee Thesis

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