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Team routines

Team routines involved handpicked dancers and were generally put together to compete in championships.

The exception here is 'Ceroc Rueda' which was choreographed be be performed at a ball.

As you look at these team routines, keep in mind that these are amateur dancers.

Obsession, Bring it on and I'm Outta Love all won national level competitions.

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Obsession crawl medium'Obsession'

Choreographed with Enza Burgio.

Team routine performed by The Fallen Angels to the tune of 'Crush' by Garbage.

Surely the most controversial routine in the history of Ceroc... It placed first in one competition, second in another and last in a third...

It was a shock to some people.

We came second in the first championships we were in and we were over the moon because we knew we were challenging people's perceptions of what could be done with Ceroc. They were used to 'happy happy' teams events..

The next day, Ceroc legend Nikki Gelardi, who had been one of the judges, phoned me to say how disappointed she was that we didn't win. Another judge said that he gave us the highest marks he had ever given for originality but marked it down 'because it wasn't Ceroc'. Later - after the shock wore off - he changed his mind.

 Bring it onBring it on

Inspired by the film of the same name. Using an excerpt from the film soundtrack, Tony Basil's Mickey and U.G.L.Y.

Team event performed by 'The Flying Angels'.

I started to choreograph this with Enza but she decided to drop out so I choreographed it solo.

Even this routine also came under fire for not being Ceroc - though I regard it as perhaps the least original routine I did because it only has a smattering of moves new to Ceroc.

This is the debut performance at the Le Bop championship which we won.

Anastacia NZ champs.Movie_SnapshotI'm outta love

To Anastacia's 'I'm outta love'.

This started out as  group routine made available to anyone who wanted to give it a go.

We had dancers with 13 weeks experience and at least one dancer with over a decade of experience.

There were a few people from the routine who were going to be in New Zealand either for the Australasian championships or just on holiday. So we decided to enter it in the team competition. The only criterion for being in the team was that you would be in New Zealand.at the time.

Amazingly, we won the competition and this is the video of that performance.

My chief delight was the excitement of team members who never expected to win a competition in dance...

Ceroc Rueda. Latin Ball. Low wide angle..Movie_SnapshotCeroc Rueda

To Gloria Estefan's 'Oye'.

Team routine choreographed for performance at a ball... but we also performed it twice in championships for the fun of it.

At the time, Rueda was popular in Salsa so I took the idea of dancing in a circle and morphed it into Ceroc.

Performed by Los Angeles Latinos (The Latin Angels).

This version is from the Latin Ball.

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