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About Ren Lexander

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I was born onto a small farm in Toongabbie, to the west of Sydney, Australia.

My mother managed the farm helped by myself and my elder brother. My father was a truck driver. My brother, four-and-a-half years older then me, was born with cerebral palsy and was epileptic. He was spastic on his right side.

Later in life, I would be the primary care-organizer for my mother who had advanced Alzheimers, my father who had suffered a massive stroke and was paralyzed down one side of his body and, of course, my brother who had cerebral palsy. (Yes, all at the same time... I wouldn't dare put that in a script... it wouldn't seem too far-fetched..)

I completed a PhD in philosophy at the age of 26.

At the same age, I experienced a major life set-back. A had a business project collapse. This threw me back on myself. I started to ask fundamental questions:

  • Does life have any meaning?
  • How can a life be truly meaningful?
  • How can any person create a truly meaningful life?

The desire for answers to these questions has shaped my life.

It has taken me on a journey through experiential psychology, philosophy and mystic spirituality.

Without this journey, The Jesus Code would have never been written.

At the age of 33, I changed my name from Garry Ross Sargeant. This followed a personal epiphany about why my father had named me 'Garry Ross'. This gave rise to a revolutionary understanding of the psychological impact of names and the book, The Secret Meaning of Names.

I have never been able to confine my ideas to just one genre and so have written in pretty much every genre you can conceive of: fiction, non-fiction, humour, education videos, business plans, scripts, academic articles, poetry, song lyrics.... etc...

For more on my writings, degrees/studies, inner journey and my adventure in dance, click on the links below.

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Current and future projects I am holding back release of any further books until publication of The Jesus Code. I have been working on two massive projects that have taken up much of my thoughts over the last two decades plus. Past writing: select highlights Books Three Nights on Nowhere Street (Fontana) about time spent more »

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Degrees/Studies B.A. (Hons) Macquarie University. Major in Philosophy; sub-major in history. Honours thesis topic: The relativity of cause and effect PhD (La Trobe University) Thesis topic: Objectivity Certificate Level Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy Breathwork Dreamwork Applied Jungian psychology Jungian Sandplay Voice Dialogue Past-life regression therapy   I have also studied: Aikido (black belt Aiki-kai) Tai more »

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Inner Journey

The only truly important thing I have done in my life is inner work… Whatever worthy things I have done in my external life have been but a dancing shadow of my inner journey. This journey has been long and ongoing. I do not propose that I can do justice to it here nor would more »

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