May 08

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How long did it take to write that book?

People sometimes ask me: 'How long did it take to write this book?'

Apparently a woman once asked the novelist Somerset Maugham how long it took him to write 'The Razor's Edge'.

He replied. 'Sixty-six years'.

It was his age when he finished it.

In many ways, this is the only true answer that a write can give when asked how long it took him to write a book: The age he was when he felt that it was finished enough.

In the case of The Job Intersection: The Journey of the Souls and the meaning of life, it took me fifty-six years to finish.

But I started thinking about the issues of the meaning of life when I was 27... so the process  took a mere 30 years.

By contrast, the first book I ever had published was Three Nights on Nowhere Street had a process time of 10 days... And that is available on this website for free.  I was 30 at the time.

How long did it take for Usain Bolt to break the world 100 metres record?  9.58 seconds? No that's how long the process takes. It took many many years of training to execute that process...

He had to take his natural talent and hone it and make himself into a man that could execute the process in 9.58 seconds.

It took me 56 years to become the sort of writer that could finish off The Job Intersection - for better or for worse...

This website is about joining a journey to become a better person... a better writer...a better partner in relationships... a more effective person....

That's the process that really counts....

It doesn't matter how long it takes you to read a book like How to Communicate Effectively and build relationships...  it matters about how you apply that system to make yourself into a better communicator... a better partner... a better person...


Ren Lexander


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  1. Jim Coomes

    An old friend of mine said that she had attempted to write a book and…translate it into another language (Indonesian). She says that she gave up and deleted it. (I hope that she did not really get rid of all copies.) But, maybe there is still hope for her in regards to her book.

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